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- Mr. Jørgen Freund, Chairman of FREUND GROUP.


IP-INTERCOM solution in your pocket! Call to your INTEGRA VoIP APP or your GSM anywhere.
Extend IP-Intercom solution with IP-INTEGRA Public Audio solution.


IP-based Intercom and Public Audio products developed by FREUND

IP-INTEGRA Intercom Solutions

IP-INTEGRA Intercom is a perfect solution for companies where it may sometimes be important to control who access the premises or buildings of the company.

IP-INTEGRA Public Audio Solutions

IP-INTEGRA Public Audio can deliver modern IP/SIP based solution for: School Public Audio with Bell-Scheduler, Office, Prisons, Banks, Hospitals..

IP-INTEGRA Cloud Solution

Connect IP-INTEGRA Door Stations, Terminals and Mobile APPs to our CLOUD based IP-INTEGRA SIP-Server. Add SIP-extensions, Group-them and do Call-routing as you want.


IP-INTEGRA VoIP APP is a FREE softphone application for VoIP calls over WiFi and 3G/4G developed by FREUND Elektronika d.o.o.




Full Digital 2-Wire Door Entry System

Whether you are working on new developments or upgrading existing systems, make it easy with Fermax - DUOX. Find more about DUOX by FERMAX here

Freund Elektronika d.o.o - official regional FERMAX distributor.
For additional information and offers please contact Freund sales department in Sarajevo - Bosnia and Hercegovina.

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Why to choose us

FREUND Innovation Center As Your Perfect R&D Partner!

We have over 50 years experience in different technology fields

FREUND Innovation Center

Freund Elektronika d.o.o has its own development department and Technological Innovation Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We have access to over 50 highly qualified developers in technology areas such as Product Design, SW & HW development, Real Time Systems, Linux, iOS and Android, but also other different front-end and back-end solutions.

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FREUND ELEKTRONIKa D.O.O in cooperation with our Danish sister company FREUND ELEKTRONIK A/S is doing Development & Global distribution of its own IP-INTEGRA solution as well as products from our partner company FERMAX.
Freund Elektronika has own R&D department and Technological Innovation Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and highly qualified developers in technology areas such as Product Design, Real Time Systems, Linux, iOS and Android, but also front-end and back-end solutions.


Francuske Revolucije bb
71210 Ilidža
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Phone: +387 33 922 890
Mail: freund@freund.ba
FREUND ELEKTRONIKA D.O.O is located in International Burch University Sarajevo

About us

FREUND ELEKTRONIK A/S, in cooperation with its sister company FREUND ELEKTRONIKA SARAJEVO, is developing IP-based INTERCOM, AUDIO, ACCESS CONTROL adn SMART HOME solutions. We have more than 30 years of experience in this technology field as developer, manufacturer and resaler company.

In the industry, we negotiate the most innovative solutions within building communication. We have daily focus on development and user-friendliness and our products have technical high quality and pleasent design. As a developer and manufacturer of our own IP-INTEGRA systems, we are on top of the most advanced systems for door telephony and public audio solutions. Our development department have devolped, together with our partners, elegant and robust doorphones, terminals and applications with intelligent features and the most advanced technology, but at the same time easy for our customers to use. FREUND GROUP is one of the top providers on the market for IP based building communication and related systems.

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