December 13, 2018

IP-Intercom solution

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PURE IP-Intercom solutions

10 reasons which all technicians who install intercom  solutions should know, before they recommend it to their customers.

  1. HYBRID BUS/IP solution is typical patch solution to allow an old BUS solution to access mobile APP and a limited IP functionality.
  2. All restrictions with BUS are inherited and you are bound by the manufacturer regarding service and products that support this BUS protocol. With IP Door Phone Solution, you can mix products from multiple manufacturers together and are not dependent on the manufacturer or that a product will expire in the future.
  3. There are typically additional costs with expensive but technologically limited ‘BUS to IP’ gateways used in HYBRID BUS/IP solutions.
  4. Online support on HYBRID BUS/IP is very limited due to technology difference between BUS and IP. With IP solution, you can make a setup that you can always access each and every component directly over a specific IP address. HYBRID BUS/IP solutions typically require sending a technician that connects PC and support is provided with TeamViewer.
  5. Extension and integration with other IP technologies is almost impossible or very difficult in HYBRID BUS/IP solutions.
  6. Video from multiple simultaneous sources of HYBRID BUS/IP solutions is limited to one at a time while Video over IP is sent in parallel. This means that any camera on IP intercom outdoor stations can be connected to a video recorder (NVR) and used for video surveillance.
  7. When installing HYBRID BUS/IP solutions, knowledge of both BUS and IP setup is required during the installation of HYBRID IP/BUS solution.
  8. Hard to perform troubleshooting in mixed BUS/IP solution while PURE IP solution continuously reports system status and can send email or SMS if system failure occurs or a client is offline.
  9. Data conversion between BUS and IP limits system capacity and speeds in HYBRID IP / BUS solution.
  10. BUS solutions belong to old technology. When Telephony has turned into IP telephony in the last decade, there is no technology in the way of Door Telephony turns into IP Door Telephony as it uses the same SIP standard and protocol as IP telephony.

Therefore, it is always best to use either PURE BUS solution or PURE IP solution as mixing of the two technologies can give some technical limitations and a lot of trouble to the installer.

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