Freund IP-INTEGRA SIP-Server - Highlights

  • Plug and play system
  • Easy to configure and track on the network
  • Prompt access to WEB-interface by using “admin” & “admin” password
  • Intuitive system set-up does not require advanced network knowledge
  • All critical system information on IP-INTEGRA “Dashboard”
  • Free INTEGRA VoiP APP for Android and iOS connecting to SIP server regardless of location
  • Connect clients from LAN and WAN
  • Get support by enabling “Remote Support” on Dashboard
  • Create, clone and disable extensions or group of extensions in seconds
  • Synchronize extensions or group of extensions with name list in INTEGRA door stations
  • Forward calls to landline or GSM number by creating TRUNK connections
  • Create and adapt Ring Groups by grouping extensions, mobile-extensions and external numbers
  • Make call-forwarding rules between extensions, groups and external numbers
  • Every server is adapted with license options to each installation without functionality overkill
  • Combinate IP-intercom and IP-public audio solution on same SIP-server
  • Upload ring tones and pre-recorded voice messages for Audio Paging or IP Broadcast to SIP-audio clients
  • Create and schedule periodical play-events of uploaded audio files by using Scheduler option
  • Track active calls in order to check connectivity and forwarding rules
  • Check and change network settings and activate DHCP server in closed network without router
  • Easy SIP-server port changes out from default values
  • Easy system configuration and configuration backup two places: server and license dongle
  • Easy after-sale system upgrading and scaling by adding new licence file
  • Auto-provision for all IP-INTEGRA clients: IP-terminals, IP-speakers and Mobile APPs
  • Easy configuration of all IP-INTEGRA clients from IP-INTEGRA SIP-server
  • System monitoring and prompt warning if extension or trunk is down/up or server restarted
  • Unlimited Call-log and Event-log
  • Freund IP-INTEGRA SIP-Server standard solutions

    IP-INTERCOM & PUBLIC AUDIO SERVER from 4 up to 100.000 extensions