Freund Elektronik A/S

Freund Elektronik A/S is our Danish sister company and exclusive distributor for Scandinavian market.
Freund Elektronik A/S is located in Odense Denmark, founded by Mr. Jorgen Freund in 1981. Freund Elektronik A/S is one of Scandinavian leaders in sales and distribution of Intercom, Access control and Smart Home solutions.
The company is AAA rated on In order to obtain an AAA (Triple A), it must be a company with a very good ability to meet current payment obligations. Mr Jorgen Freund is chairman of Freund Elektronika d.o.o.


International Burch University

International Burch University (IBU) was established in 2008 in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the goal of presenting a unique opportunity to rethink the very idea of a modern university and formulate a blueprint for the future.
Upon the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Education decision, teaching process was started according to Bologna System of Education (3+2+3) entirely in English language within three faculties.
Burch University began with a determined mission: “To advance learning and transform lives”. Now University pursues to adapt successfully to the needs of students by investing in world-class facilities for teaching, learning, research and recreation. With some of the highest quality teaching and research and the broadest spread o academic subjects, we will be able to complete in order being recognized as one of the leading universities in the region.
IBU is member of the private Bosna Sema Educational Institutions family, well known on the ground of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the success its students shows participating various educational competitions on federal, country and international level. Bosna Sema Educational Institutions offers the education in seven schools from primary school, through college up to university in cities of Tuzla, Bihac, Zenica and Sarajevo.


USAID in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) contributes to U.S. Government objectives in the country by helping BiH progress toward a harmonized economy, effective and transparent government institutions with a strong civil society, and a multi-ethnic, tolerant society.
Helping the country to become a more stable country, closer to Euro-Atlantic integration, is USAID's goal. Reaching this objective includes establishing functional state-level institutions, inclusion of minorities in the political process, compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, GDP growth, increased economic competitiveness, and a clear strategy for EU accession.
USAID's democracy and governance work in BiH focuses on accountable institutions that meet citizens’ needs. The Agency's economic growth work focuses on a competitive, market-oriented economy that provides better opportunities for all.