SIP Options

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Integra SIP license is priced as a basic perpetual license and comes with a purchased SIP Server. Basic  license gives 4 extensions and audio SIP interface which is sufficient for an average private house. You can upgrade your license at any point in time by just paying for the wished number of extensions.

Get all the flexibility you'll ever need, while paying only for the resources you use!

  • FE-SIPA-K upgrade gives extra audio client upgrade on SIP server
  • FE-SIPV-K gives extra video client upgrade on SIP server
  • FE-SIPV-O upgrade enables module for video option on SIP server
  • FE-FQDN-O upgrade enables FQDN option (connect to SIP server from 3rd parts network)
  • FE-SIPT-O upgrade enables module for Trunk option on SIP server
  • FE-SCHD-O option enables Audio Scheduler